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Clerk/Treasurer Job Description

Position: Clerk/Treasurer

Reports to: Village Board of Trustees

Employment Category: Full Time, Non-exempt, Benefit Eligible


Job Brief – General Nature of Responsibilities:


Under the direction of the Village Board of Trustees, this position performs a wide range of administrative functions including, but not limited to election administration, records management, drafting and composing meeting agendas and minutes, resolutions, ordinances, and other necessary municipal policies. This position will perform all duties outlined in Wisconsin State Statutes §61.25 Clerk and §61.26, Treasurer.  The position will report all financial matters to the Finance Committee  and facilitate the municipal budgeting process. The individual will work independently with minimal supervision, however, is expected to use their judgment and seek direction when needed on substantive matters related to administration of municipal policies, programs, and services. The primary purpose of the Clerk/Treasurer is to perform their statutory role and assist with the enhancement of all administrative functions within the village.


Essential Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities


·         Ability to analyze, interpret, and apply applicable Federal, State and local policies, laws and regulations

·         Apply knowledge of a broad range of statutes, principles, and practices to the administration of village affairs

·         Knowledge of modern office procedures, methods and equipment including computers and Microsoft Office (Word, and Excel required) basic website editing software, and social media platforms

·         Ability to communicate effectively with the public in a busy, multi-task environment, excellent verbal and written communication skills

·         Organized and detail oriented

·         Knowledge of election administration

·         Ability to prepare and interpret reports, maps, and charts

·         Ability to establish and maintain effective working and public relationships with a wide variety of individuals in a sometimes-challenging environment

·         Ability to prepare and maintain accurate records and to prepare a variety of reports as required or requested

·         Must possess excellent time management skills

·         Ability to prepare and maintain accurate records


Essential Duties and Responsibilities:




·         Duties and responsibilities enumerated in Wisconsin State Statue §61.25 and §61.26

·         Prepares the official agenda for board, commission, and committee meetings

·         Attends Village Board meetings and brings to the attention of the Village President and Village Trustees any pending ordinances, resolutions, or notices requiring official action

·         Records proceedings of meetings and prepares official minutes

·         Works with and supports other village staff

·         Sends notices of Board action to all affected individuals or businesses

·         Reviews, revises, and drafts ordinances and resolutions with the assistance from the Village Attorney

·         Maintains confidentiality, custody, and care of all Village papers, records, and correspondence

·         Maintains routine day to day operations of Village Office

·         Provides professional advice and input to Village Board of Trustees upon request

·         Serves as a liaison between the public and elected officials

·         Research and obtain multiple funding sources including grants for village projects and expenditures


Other Duties and Responsibilities:


·         Supervise daily village office operations and public property usage

·         Supervise title research requests and special assessment inquiries

·         Act as liaison with neighboring municipalities and County officials to ensure the accuracy of payments

·         Represents the Village in dealing with other governmental bodies, as directed by the Village Board of Trustees, i.e. Federal, State, County as well as promote goodwill and public relations (customer service) between the Village and the public

·         Attends necessary training, seminars, and maintains required certifications

·         Keeps the Village Board of Trustees informed of changes, opportunities, and problems of a developmental, operational, financial nature of plans, and recommendations for appropriate opportunities

·         Responsible for communicating training, seminars, and workshops to the Board of Trustees for ongoing educational opportunities and certifications as required by law for Trustee positions

·         Responsible for all Census recordkeeping, address verification, Census reporting, mapping, and coordination of any and all Census work.

·         Act as Village agent for municipal insurance policy ensuring complete coverage and accurate up to date records

·         Assists and supports Village Board of Trustees, Department Heads, and all employees with information or reports as requested.

·         Perform other duties and responsibilities as may be requested by the Village Board of Trustees



·         Administers, coordinates, supervises, and conducts all Village elections

·         Attends necessary training, seminars, and maintains required certifications to conduct elections as required by WEC (Wisconsin Elections Commission)

·         Responsible for securing election board workers and complying with applicable training standards

to ensure the Village maintains valid certified election inspectors

·         Prepares the election facility per State law and maintains all pre and post-election files

·         Performs all required pre-election testing of electronic voting equipment to insure proper functioning

·         Publishes all required election notices

·         Interface with Iowa County to assure voters in Village poll books are certified and eligible to vote in Village elections

·         Assist electors who are eligible to vote are able to cast a ballot and have that ballot be counted in accordance with state law

·         Keep subject to inspection all election returns required to be filed in the clerk’s office, and to notify persons elected or appointed to village offices


Licenses and Permits:

·         Assists and supports the issuance of municipal licenses and permits, including animal, liquor, and various regulatory licenses as assigned in accordance with applicable Village Ordinances and other regulations

·         Maintains a record of all licenses and permits approved and granted by the Village Board

·         Work with Zoning Administrator and Building Inspector to issue and maintain village building permits




·         Responsible for all accounting functions including journals, ledgers, and required reports per DOR (Wisconsin Department of Revenue), GAAP (General Accepted Accounting Principles), the Public Service Commission, and other regulatory agencies

·         Verifies invoices and oversees preparation of vouchers and compares all bills and receipts to budget accounts

·         Oversees preparation of monthly utility billings and related accounting transactions

·         Assists Village Auditor (single audit) with preparation of year end fiscal reporting to the Department of Revenue, Transportation and Public Service Commission.

·         Analyses special projects, revenue, and expense accounts, and makes progress reports as requested

·         Maintains all accounting records and supporting documentation

·         Responsible for management of Village cash flows and receipts

·         Reconciles all Village checking and savings accounts monthly

·         Ability to operate the program the Village uses for utility billing, municipal accounting, and payroll (Quickbooks).

·                  Collects all fees, rents, and other revenues and makes deposits.

Tax Preparation:


·         Coordinates with Village Assessor and county officials in the updating and maintenance of the Village Assessment Roll

·         Serves as Clerk for the Board of Review

·         Maintains the Personal Property listing and reviews annually with the Village Assessor

·         Prepares Statement of Assessment and Statement of Taxes and submits to the Wisconsin Department of Revenue

·         Computes mill rates, Tax Increment, calculates special assessments, and other special charges for

inclusion in the tax roll

·         Mails tax statements, collects taxes, records of deposit, maintaining and monitoring accurate tax collection

·         Settles tax collection with other taxing jurisdictions on prescribed due dates


Personnel and Payroll:


·         Assist employees in filing of insurance, Workman’s Compensation and disability benefit claims

·         Maintain random drug and alcohol protocols and testing information for employees with CDL licenses

·         Maintain current mandated State and Federal labor posting requirements

·         Assists Department Heads, when asked, to set up necessary training to maintain and improve their job-related knowledge and skills and maintain required certifications for job functions

·         Performs weekly, monthly and quarterly payroll .

·         Makes payments as required by law to all tax and fringe benefits accounts

·         Keeps accurate personnel information concerning hours, vacation hours, and personal hours

·         Retirement plan processing, management, reporting, contributions, and record keeping

·         Acts as village agent for health insurance and retirement.

·         Oversees preparation of payments to State, Federal, Insurance, and Retirement accounts as prescribed by law

·         Annually updating Village Employee Handbook and work with Finance Committee for approval of updates and changes

·         Maintains accurate employee deduction records and required documentation

·         Oversees preparation of all year-end payroll reports including W-2, W-3, 1099 and reporting to State and Federal agencies


Planning, Zoning, Development:

·         Post and/or publish required notices

·         Ensures comprehensive planning, capital improvement planning, and other necessary guiding documents for the village are in place and updated annually as appropriate




Minimum Experience and Educational Qualifications:


·         High School Diploma/Equivalent Required; Associate Degree or higher education preferred

·         Municipal Government Experience (preferred), two years’ experience in clerical operations, bookkeeping, policies and legislative functions or a combination of education and experience that provides equivalent knowledge, skills and abilities

·         Working knowledge of Accounting Software (Quickbooks preferred)

·         Must be eligible to be bonded

·         Election Administration Certified (or ability to obtain)

·         Board of Review Clerk Training

·         Valid Driver’s License


Additional Information:

·         This position requires a great deal of diplomacy in working with a variety of individuals who compromise a seven (7) member board, individuals on committees, department heads, fellow employees, contracted individuals, state employees, and other professionals engaged by the Village for services as well as the general public.

·         This position performs a major role in responsible communication, receiving and responding openly and positively to the public.


Position Description Qualifiers and Employer Reservation of Management Rights:


The duties enumerated above are intended only as illustrations of the various types of work that maybe performed. This is not a detailed or complete listing of all duties and responsibilities. The omission of specific statements of duties does not exclude them from the position if the work is similar, related, or a logical assignment to the position.


This job description does not constitute an employment agreement between the employer and the employee and is subject to change by the employer as the needs of the employer and requirements of the position change.